Council Tax 2018/19

“The challenge of providing public services remains a challenge and they are widely reported in the media daily. As a Parish Council we are not immune and continue to provide the best possible services to the local community at the best possible price, we believe that we have done this very well over the past few years.  In that regard we have not increased our precept in the Council Tax for over 3 years, in fact last year we reduced it by 26% as we felt that we could manage accordingly.

You will find below a summary of the charges over the past 3 years and see how the contribution has been reduced.  An increase of 7.6% can be seen for this year however due to the increased housing occupation in real terms this is reduced.


Band A 2016/2017 householder pays £160.58

Band A 2017/18 householder pays £117.89

Band A 2018/19 householder pays £84.81.

We now have many challenges ahead with maintaining the community Village Hall, increased green areas, improving street lighting and the general up keep of Stewartby & Kempston Hardwick with an increased population. We understand that increases are unwelcome but with the past freeze on increases we now need an increase of 7.6% per house per year to allow us to manage our Parish to the standards people expect.”