Chairman’s Reports

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Chairman’s Reports


First welcome to our new web site I hope you will enjoy its content once we are up and running fully.


So here we are the end of January and what a month it’s been with issues like Millbrook Power, Covanta and now the Brickwork site but before I answer these points I would like to welcome our New Clerk Tracey Young who’s taken over from Vicky Gladstone who was a good servant to the Parish for over 10 years and we wish her well in her retirement


Another change has seen the resignation of Cllr Cooper and I would like to thank him for his years of service to the Parish.

With what’s gone on we are making changes to how the P.C will run. From now the P.C will handle all items affecting the running of its Parish and to give more time to things that will concern us most over the coming years.

The Village Hall will be run separately allowing more time to arrange community projects and try to bring the hall to a standard of good hire

There’s a number of projects on the table to discussed regarding taking the hall forward, none so than a New Refurbishment of the Hall with new windows finally going in after 4/5 years of hard work from the Parish and Cllr Law.

Work is due to start in about a months’ time so I apologize now to residents living in Churchill Close.


If we now look back to the beginning of January the Parish has been left with the task of overcoming Millbrook Power plans to build a generator powered by gas from the main grid and turning it into electricity plus another one.

At Kempston Hardwick another problem and a main one and that is Covanta like the rest of us we still don’t understand how the E.A could have accepted this project with all its faults I can only hope as a last resort that both BBC and CB take up a legal challenge to get this stopped


Now for a bigger problem the development of the Brickwork site. Like you I’m upset of the loss of the chimneys and kilns however its hoped that a heritage trail will be available on the site this is something that the Parish and Cllr Hill are fighting for, however I do have concern at the amounts of houses being proposed if the figures are to be believed then we could be looking at 4000 properties being built.

I’m sure planning have no idea what traffic problems this with cause to Stewartby and the surrounding area.


Some good news to end with in that from the end of March 2018 the Number 68 bus route from Stewartby / Bedford will now run into Amphtill it’s taken the Parish & Borough and Grant Palmer nearly two years to achieve.


So now your council can get down to the hard work and at times fun to take Stewartby & Kempston Hardwick forward and if you wish to be part of this challenge then join us as a councillor

If you are interested please contact our Clerk –


John Symonds

Stewartby & Kempston Hardwick Parish Council Chair